“Jeff is a total clown.  And I mean this in the most beautiful sense of the word.  His use of humor, movement and play to help ease the fear and worry of children and bring them into the safety, comfort and joy of the present moment is magical.  My team and I have learned so much from him.  He reminds me to bring my body – along with my mind and spirit – to my work with children.  We love him – with or without the red nose and big, floppy shoes.”

Steve Gross M.S.W. Chief Playmaker


“Our audience/clients (business executives, doctors, bankers, engineers, social workers, etc.) are not accustomed to being on stage. In order to engage them and make it possible to be in such an “alien” environment – I need trainers/performers who are both highly skilled in their craft and also accessible and responsive to people who are out of their comfort zone. Jeff Smithson is one such person.”

Cathy Salit CEO of Performance of a Lifetime


“Jeff’s tremendous heart and numerous skills uplift those around him. For years, he brought joy and compassion to thousands of seriously ill children through Camp’s hospital Outreach. He is a deep thinker and feeler and will leave a lasting and positive impression wherever he is.”

Jimmy Canton CEO at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp


“Jeff brings a passion for communicating along with the focus of great listening to facilitate growth in relationships with partners and patients alike. Our team has been deeply affected by the guided risk taking that Jeff makes fun and accessible.”

Dick Monday Performer, Director, Founder of NY GOOFS