WORKSHOPSJeff Smithson

Staff Orientation & Development

Looking for a way to bring meaningful fun to your team or company? A POP workshop helps individuals and teams see themselves and each other in a new light. Both newly-formed teams and closely-knit colleagues will benefit from POP’s special blend of serious fun.

Permission to Play
(Play for Parents, Educators and Care Providers)

If Play is the primary “language” of kids what is your level of fluency? The role of the Adult dictates that you keep kids safe and help them grow. Often the seriousness of the role limits our playfulness. By giving ourselves Permission to Play we take off the Parent-Hat for a moment and savor the wonder and curiosity of children. This workshop will broaden the spectrum of communication that you have with your child.

Throw. Catch. Drop.

The three essential steps in juggling have a lot to teach us about how we learn and who we are. This is wonderful as a one-on-one coaching session or a group activity.

The Path to Play

Do you recognize the Play in your Day? What is your game and how do you play it? By examining your work through the lens of play you will see a greater number of choices that are available to you. Performance in this instance is not something that is put on but rather an invitation to authenticity, an opportunity to choose differently.


In order to be better understood we must first seek to understand. In order to understand we must recognize the filters that obstruct and lenses that clarify our perception. Exercises from the world of improvisation highlight our ability to truly hear what others are saying.